Thursday, 31 December 2009

This is it

Here's to a wonderful New Year.
And a warm adieu to the old! 
Here's to happiness, good times, good cheer.
And the many joys yet to unfold.

May all your wishes come true in the brand new year!! Cheers~!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I gotta finish the OMS assignment as soon as possible.
The birds are chirping and it's early in the morning.
Dawn raid. Night gone.

It's still.. still.. incomplete. It couldn't be handed in without completion.

I had totally ignored that particular assignment
as I was busy preparing for non-stop tests, presentation, tutorials & etc.
In fact no one likes last-minute works. So am I.
But situations forced us to do so due to those unavoidable circumstances.

One more thing, the novel-writing competition is going to meet its due date.
Seriously I am busy preparing and hoping someone or something
could bring me some more-than-usual inspirations. I need inexhaustible ideas right now.

2009 is going to give way to 2010. It's another brand new year.
And of course. Got one year older. *sigh*

May the year 2010 bring joy and felicity to everyone of us.
All the Best in 2010!

Sunday, 27 December 2009










Saturday, 26 December 2009


The movies are bringing more and more concerned issues that are NOT negligible.

2012- We are warned. Repent!The end is near.
Avatar- Greed could make a person lost his humanity.

That's right. We have only one Mother Earth. Any destruction & pollution shall be prohibited.
We want green environment for our next generations.
We want fresh air for our children.
We want water that is safe to consume and use.

We are granted so much but the greed is never-ending.
We feel discontented & demand for more and more.
We destroy the natural ecosystem.
We excessively polluted the environment without noticing the consequences.

We Have Done Too Much! The resources aren't inexhaustible.
Perhaps harmony can bring about settlements through negotiation.

The time has come to realise
Without world peace we can't survive
Our past is one that's filled with war
Compassion is what we're looking for
It fills me up with so much hope
To realise how beautiful
This world could be without anger
Which drives us all against each other
Let's promise to us, our hearts and souls
With wisdom we can gain control
That' why we sing this song to you
Just don't lose faith we're here for you. 

So hold on,
Harmonise all that is wrong
And work for a peace which is strong
And gain some respect for this earth
For all the mankind we will serve

Two sides

Everything has got two sides. Every person owns two sides for sure.
Sometimes we just don't see the other side of something.
Sometimes people just don't show the other side of them.

Do not ever cross the line.
I could be tame and wild.
I could be heartless and enthusiastic.
I could be ostensibly quiet but is actually planning for my revenge.

Do not try to intensify His good-side impression to me indirectly through Your conversations.
You may have probably ignored His bad side.
You may have overdone your old tricks. Overdone is worse than undone.
You may not know you could possibly make me hate Him even more with the "aid" of your speeches.

Do not test or measure me.
I could be weak & fragile when I seem so tough & strong.
I may lie to you when I tell the truth, just to protect myself from invisible harm.
I could also be unfriendly & impolite if I'm forced to be savage & uncivilized.

Instead of sitting and waiting to die I would rather stand up and fight.
People usually possess two sides in oneself.
The other side would only be shown up when necessary.
That can be a good try if you are about to make me show it real.
Then my other side would just thankfully say "Fcuk You"!

Forgive for my rudeness.
Ignore my madness.
I just couldn't stand with my double-sided behaviours.

Nonetheless, I'm sincere in relationship.
Don't ever show up a I-don't-give-a-shit face to me.
I need you to speak. I'm always ready to listen carefully.
That's why we are given & gifted with two ears and only one mouth.

My heart could actually be easily broken like a piece of glass.
My soul could actually be triggered like a ball of fire.

Sometimes you don't reveal a truth that you already know
you don't want to But Not you don't need to.
You bear the responsibility to report but you don't want to spoil their reputation.

Sometimes you don't have to make heavy explanation
simply because
the one who loves you doesn't need it.
& the one who loathes you doesn't believe it.

*It's a murmur. I don't suffer from Split Personality. LOL.

Thursday, 17 December 2009


  => Preparation bofore my cousin's wedding ceremony
~went in & out to buy the materials
~arrange the tables & chairs
~being a helper who stood by to assist at any time
~took valuable & priceless photos

I got three angpaos for that particular morning.

This was for opening the bridegroom's car door.

This was for serving him a cup of egg-tea.
This was for delivering him a bowl of sweet dessert. (longan)

  => Preparation for tests
Business Economics test is finally over. Commercial Law test is around the corner.
I gotta be prepared for that. Equipping myself with the knowledge of all the test content.
This time, I promised to myself that I cannot be sinful anymore. I gotta pull up my socks.!

~GOOD LUCK~ #All the Best#


Last few weeks ago I followed my friend to his hometown-- Bukit Mertajam.
That could be considered as either a homestay or a vacation.
(because I gained weight of 1.5kg in 4Days 3Nights)

Might be because of these. Scrumptious XD

I received secondary school education in BM before.
So I'm quite familiar with the place where my friend stays.
We went wandering around the luxurious shopping mall.
We went dining at different venues.
We went for fascinating & hilarious games.
We intended to go for movie but had finally given up
after taking a long queue & were told that the movie theatre was full!!
We went house-visiting.

Messing around at Vincent's house
Fat me lying comfortably!

Those days passed without leaving a trace.
We were all competing with Time in a must-win race.
Graciously no one torn us apart.
And we knew that it was time to depart.

After visiting his house, I realised the reason why he has always been wanting to shift his Friday classes to other days so that he can go home earlier. That's too conducive. Too harmonious. Too comfortable. Too enjoyable. For the next semester, they proposed the next station -- Taiping..

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

(In) relief

How to get rid of those interruption, disturbance, uncertainty, anxiety, moody feeling, messed-up mind, troublesome & annoying problems?
My ways are simple.
=>Blog it here.
=>Exercise (perhaps some gym workout & badminton).
=>Listen to my favourite music my favourite bands.
=>Friend suggests to think wider look wiser.
=>Recall some happy remembrances.
=>Read some self-development books to seek for motivation.
=>Talk to my peers.
=>Do housework.
=>Have a comfortable bath.
=>Watch some movies that previously I had no time for them.
=>Search out the photos where memory lies anonymously in.




That's the first dinner that I joined for the lengthy 19years since I was born.
It's an upmost honour and I was glad that I could be a part of that night.
*special thanks to Ming Chiet for fetching. Susian Kow for sponsoring photos. Ee Lin for companionship.
*nice meet to Dorene, Pying, LuLu, Evelyn, Seow Wen & 1 more senior at that night.
(sorry if I misspell your names because I have bad memory. =P)

Thank & I treasure so much for those who are always there whenever I need. And now I'm in relief.

Between lost and found, you showed me the difference.
Between safe and sound, you showed me the distance.
~The Difference by Westlife~


In reality, LIFE is sometimes too tough to go on.
When something occur, there are different kind of responses from people around.
These are the proposed "hierachical level".

Ignore it totally. See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.
Show concern but do nothing.
Pay attention to join in the discussion.
Provide support and belief.
Involved highly and fully committed to offer help in deliverable state.

We should appreciate any offer of assistance given
=> no matter it is helpful or helpless.
=> if it is done in good faith.

Some people tend to hold-out. Tend to escape. Tend to avoid contacting.
Some people tend to aid. Tend to face. Tend to stride forward for us.

Sometimes we just can't belittle people's abilities.
They are good at both beneficial & detrimental ways.
Got inspired by THEIR abilities of faking a smile or a sentence after they have done bad deed.
Won't they feel GUILTY for those loved ones?
Won't they have NIGHTMARES in the middle of the night?
I have culture-shock whenever it comes to my knowledge about their immoral behaviours.

But what to do after all except having grievance in yourself?
We couldn't expect much more.
We gotta head our lives as usual for sure.

  This is Life. This is Reality.