Saturday, 27 February 2010


Have you ever wondered how long you haven't been on vacation?
Have you thought of some places that you wished to go but you never had chance?
    During this CNY I seized the opportunity to go on vacation with part of my classmates and other college friends. It was only a few of us but we still enjoyed great happiness. The destination was Bukit Merah on 18 Feb. I have heard of the name of the place but that was actually the first time I have been to Bukit Merah because I couldn't recall any previous reminiscence of it. If you ask me what is the most interesting thing about Bukit Merah I would answer you: WATER!!Of course it is. It's a water theme park after all. LOL
    We had dinner at Nando's, Autocity. The place that I don't really like. It is mostly for those with high and additional purchasing power. After that another group of us went directly to Perlis for touring. In fact we were having BBQ party at my Class Rep's house. We spent about 2days + 2nights over there. That was the first time I went out of Penang to a northern region of Peninsular Malaysia. Perlis is peaceful. Beautiful. Unidentified. Silent. Humble. Awaiting. That are the impressions which Perlis gave me. Yet I was overjoyed as I have wandered off in Alor Setar, Gurun, Sungai Petani, Arau, Kangar, Gua Kelam and many areas that I have never been.
    Exploring the overlooked city is a kind of hard work that you would enjoy much with the sweat splashes on all over your body as though an active athlete who has just accomplished his marathon. Nice trip nice people nice experience nice meet. Vacation makes me live for life. It is enjoyable to let go of all the castles and bustles without having to think and act difficultly and that should be how the life goes on.
    Carpe Diem everyone!! 
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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Westlife --The Best Ever--

    The theme of this post is about music. Music makes life complete. Music makes the world goes round. When I was in Standard 5, I first knew this boy band from Ireland. And yeah surely they are WESTLIFE!!
    Some people dislike boy bands. Some people despise boy bands. Some people even discriminate boy bands. However, Westlife was the very first idol of mine before I got to know who are LeeHom, JayChou, Leona Lewis, Beyonce, One Republic, Maroon5, Backstreet Boys, Avril Lavigne and many many more. That was not because they are handsome but the talent they possess had caught my eyesight on them. They voices sound sincere, warming, helpful, attractive, honest and unbreakable especially the enthusiasm in singing I learnt from Shane Filan.
    Westlife was formed in 1998 with the former name Westside until they noticed there was already a band using the same name only then it was changed to Westlife. About 12 years upon the formation of the band Westlife, they had released 10 albums with over 100 songs. This Irish boy band won many “The Best Single” for those songs they sang. The songs that are often played on my laptop includes “My Love”, “Swear It Again”, “Flying Without Wings”, “I Lay My Love On You”, “Unbreakable”, “Fool Again”, “Obvious”, “Uptown Girl”, ‘Seasons in the Sun” and the first song that I listened to them “Queen of My Heart” etc. Some recent songs such as “The Rose”, ”Amazing”, “You Raise Me Up”, “Home”, “Us Against the World”, “Something Right” etc are nice too. Meanwhile, the latest album released by Westlife is "Where We Are".
    The songs of Westlife cheer me when I’m upset. Westlife comforts me when I get hurt. Westlife shares my happiness and sorrow all the times. The lyrics of Westlife songs are so meaningful and the lyric I like the most is “Obvious”, so far. I like this song as it depicts *something* between her and me. Okay, I’m going to share some pictures of Westlife in here. Before I forget, this is the list of the albums that the Irish boy band Westlife had released. 
Westlife (1999)

Coast to Coast (2000)

World of Our Own (2001) 
Unbreakable- The Greatest Hits (2002) 

Turnaround (2003)

Allow Us to Be Frank (2004) 

Face to Face (2005) 
The Love Album (2006) 
Back Home (2007)  
Where We Are (2009) 

Shane Filan 
Nicky Byrne

Kian Egan

Mark Feehily 

Brian McFadden 
Former Westlife member (1998-2004)