Friday, 23 July 2010


Pretended as an armed disguise and Armed those disguise and pretension. 

    Because of certain circumstances, you need to disguise yourself into another appearance. Just like the smile you're wearing. It's only a beautiful disguise. You need to have yourself armed so that you have the capacity to triumph over the challenges. But wait.. These are all pretended! Are you really so strong that you possess all the strength and power to make a substantial change? Think about it thoroughly.

    Since you chose to be in disguise and continue to pretend, now you are having your own right to have yourself armed with those weapons of disguise and pretension or just to slip away from it. But the armed force can either be beneficial or detrimental in consequences. Depends all on your intention.

Friday, 16 July 2010


COM assignment
The SafeAssign report in which the system is a bit Cacat 

LPM assignment and presentation 
FA first test 
English role-play presentation and proposal letter test 

COM presentation and two mock tests in week10 & 13
LPM test in week11 
FA second test 
English individual presentation 

  And yeah the words which I always hear recently are "Buck up" "Improve your English" "Go back to China if you want to speak Mandarin" "Keep it up or you're going to get an F in my subject" "It was boring" etc. Straight-forward comments. Offensive feedbacks. Constructive feedback and destructive mood people have. what can I say? Gee Gey Chap Sang la. 

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Learning Outcome 2

To: Whom it may concern
From: Anonymous
Date: 13July2010
Subject: Advanced Diploma learning progress

  It's been the 60 days I've been leading my life in KL. 60 days is (approximately) equivalent to 2 months. A not too long but not too short time period. This week is week 9 out of 14, the final exam is around the corner I should this by applying prudence accounting concept. Let's have a quick review on the subjects I'm taking this semester.

English for Management:
Accomplished group-work role-play meeting. Done individual proposal letter test on CCTV issue. Going to have my individual presentation next week (which I have not searched the information completely on the internet and outline has yet to be written. and yeah I'm SO anxious). And in line with my prediction, I foresee next week would be a hectic week. Adopting a quote from one of my classmates "If I survive I'll let you guys know". LOL!

Financial Accounting I:
So far so good for this subject. Got my test 1 result and I'm so pleased that I passed! Gotta pull up my socks for test 2. This subject is basically about the study of theoretical financial reporting standards then apply into the questions. The standards would serve as guidelines to ease us in solving questions.

Laws and Practice of Meetings:
For the first few weeks, I found myself in severe disapproval towards laws. Anyway situation gets better when we gradually sought out a way in understanding the context and syllabus. It's all bout Meetings. Meetings. Meetings and Meetings.

Corporate & Operations Management: 
This subject worsen me badly. Wrecked my beautiful life, leaving me unawakened and unconscious sometimes. No doubt I need to confess that I learnt a lot of new things through this subject. Safe-assign software to check plagiarism, opportunity to unleash my ability to present in lecture hall (by the way I'll be having a formal presentation in lecture hall and be evaluated on the spot! that's why I mentioned that next week is a torturing week. So I need to make up my mind clearly & be mentally strengthened), the try-again attitude in every trial-and-error tutorials. Much more and it would be very tedious for me to list down all. In fact, I have a little wonder whether the lecturer is able to finish teaching the syllabus because we've got bulky notes with us right now whereby the contents are so mesmerising so hypnotising. F!

  Anyway, not to forget to acknowledge those who have given me unlimited support and encouragement when I was suffering some time before this. My life was so really fucked up at that moment that I have thought to cry all over (SILENTLY) in the toilet. Now it has become better. I have choices. I opt for the optimistic way. Let's cheer for the fruitful outcome in the end. Always try your best!

  Between lost and found You showed me the distance. Between safe and sound You showed me the difference. After all, we need to survive the rain and Make it through the hurricane!

  Thanks profusely for your attention. Regards.


Friday, 9 July 2010


日期:26th JUNE 2010 (星期六)

話説星期五上午9點有一個特別為准畢業生而設的匯報。本人早晨7點展開了一趟溫故知新版本的公共交通之旅。快捷通巴士,不提了,服務態度、設施、環境和衛生都是十年如一日。(要不是沒有能力擁有私家車,它老早就是本人的 Opportunity Cost 了!)要往返檳島和北海,除了檳威大橋,另一個選擇就是渡輪。人常常在追求特定的某人某事時都忽略了或忘了珍惜身邊擁有的一切。這兩年之間,過度的走馬看花和太多的不經意不留意讓我頓時發現:乘坐公共交通原來是种幸福。當天本人學會放緩腳步觀察入微,認真仔細體驗沒有背包書本束縛著的行程。一路上的人事物是如此的可愛,和風徐徐迎面吹來,吹亂了額頭前的瀏海也不加以理會,繼續享受坐在渡輪裏坦蕩浮沉卻倍感幸福的感覺。鳴笛聲打斷了我的思緒,啊!多想繼續沉溺在簡單的幸福。靠港了,我隨著擁擠的人群魚貫地湧出去。來到了昔日一直抱怨的巴士站,坐看人生有快有慢、有停有站、有悲有樂,偶爾夾雑著一股股的暖流,在心頭。

  儀式性的集會終于過去了。回到了熟悉的地方想起了熟悉的咖啡店,享用了午餐就開始趴趴走咯!在 Prangin Mall 瘋狂逛了整個下午,再和早前預約的乾爹地敍會。整個過程是歡愉的,臨走前他還送我一件褲子,其實我還滿不好意思的讓他破費,也期待和他下一次的會面。日落之後,和另一群友人在久違的 Gurney Plaza 胡鬧,跳舞機、頭文字D、打鼓依然那麽富娛樂性。續攤 Coffee Island 來個晚餐。(說真的還是第一次在那兒吃晚餐,平時都是夜深之後的探訪)
厚重的衫袍+強烈的陽光=累贅 =D 
我很瘦的!!角度問題 XD 

更多照片請按:Convocation 26/6 (For More Photos) 


又到鳳凰花朵開放的時候 想起某個好久不見老朋友
記憶跟著感覺慢慢變鮮活 染紅的山坡 道別的路口
青春帶了走什麽 留下了什麽 剩一片感動在心窩

(也許值得紀念的事情不多 至少還有這段回憶夠深刻
是否遠方的你有同樣感受 成長的坎坷 分享的片刻
當我又再次唱起你寫下的歌 仿佛又回到那時候)

#時光的河入海流 終于我們分頭走
沒有哪個港口 是永遠的停留
腦海之中有一個 鳳凰花開的路口

幾度花開花落 有時快樂 有時落寞
很欣慰生命某段時刻 曾一起度過

Monday, 5 July 2010











~Jeff Ko 柯志遠~

Music Man

Sorry for my absurdity. Leehom rules the post again. LOL.
And yes! I've been treating him as my role model or perhaps now it upgrades to another higher level.


well. Just simply the best Music man! Not Superman! Not Batman! Not Any-man! 
Remember~ It's Wang Leehom = The Music Man. XD 

For Him 
Leehom rocks! 

p/s plain translation will be made available soon for the descriptions of the above pictures. =)

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Do you miss these?

 Jit Sin High School 
cadet police training camp 
lower concourse 
Buddhists Trip 2005 
Program Latihan Khidmat Negara 2008 S5K1 
Investment Game 
Kuan Ee's 18th Birthday 
Primary School 
My 19th Birthday 
Imitating the posture of the characters in poster 
Bird Family 
Kek Lok Si before going tutorial class
Vincent's 19th Birthday 
Swinging at Youth Park 
Queensbay Night 
Gua Kelam Perlis 2010 CNY
MAICSA Dinner 
the first M17 Pizza Feast 
Home-stay at Bukit Mertajam 
Silvery man at Gurney Drive 
Wandering at Prangin Mall 
Paradise Beach & Dalat International School 
Exam Time! 
Tua Pek Kong parade 
Coffee Island + EeSiew's Birthday 
Doing homework.. WAIT! is that homework of a college student? 
Wilber Pan in Penang TAR College 
Pizza Farewell with Birdies 
Temple Kek Lok Si *amazing*
Red Box Gurney