Sunday, 28 March 2010

Activities (Part 3)

This time is about going to Gurney Plaza for lunch at Chopper Board. Affordable price. Neutral service. Traditional layout and design. Personally the soup and the chilled ginseng drink are in my favour.


Next is the visit to open day of UTAR campus in Kampar. All of a sudden everybody agreed to the suggestion of going KL. So we ended up eating dinner in KL before we wandered around KLCC and on our way home. 
Rainbow in the drizzly rainy day
KLCC in the misty & foggy night (no more stars glittering up in the sky)
Yet the building is still beautiful ^^ 

The event emerged next was the hang-outs with roommates. 
Singing K at Red Box Gurney. Studying at McD. Strolling along the beach late at night. Exercised at Youth Park.
Don't misunderstand. We did study too!! haha 
Is this 'exercise'? >.< 

The Rest Are Just For Fun...
On the ferry 
Last moment in that hostel 
Here we are in new hostel

H&B extravagant night

With the blessing we succeeded in making a reunion for all H&B members. First thing first, we went for dinner. In a restaurant located in the vicinity of movie theatre that we decided spontaneously to dine in it. The situation was in control. The atmosphere was just nice.
Afterwards we started to mess around in the plaza.
Escalator was one of the "toys" 

Alright kids. Back to our main purpose of being there. It's time for distribution of investment game certificate. 
In fact, I felt so embarrassed and awkward to stand in front of the which-movie-showing noticeboards, passing the certificates with gentle smile on my face. And you may subtly discover that all my smiles were almost similar. 
Randomly show some
Me as Leehom, CW as Jackie Chan, JQ as the ox 
Last... but not least 
The absent one~ Kyen Ang 

*special thanks to Ching Wei, the photographer

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Activities (Part 2)

I was thinking when can I be famous like them ^^
Red Box Gurney Plaza + birthday celebration@Coffee Island

Activities (Part 1)

Let the words rule this post. *In fact I'm lazy to type ^^

Kek Lok Si temple + Tua Pek Kong parade