Monday, 27 July 2009


-- CASE 1 --

25th and 26th

Met with two groups of people
they were talking about the same thing same way for different products.
I am in dilemma.
Help me!
If I pick offer A, where should I get my five hundred bucks?
I thought of choosing offer A but the only thing I want to re-consider is that
It is too costly which I cannot afford for now.

If I pick offer B, the benefits seem so little which is not attractive for me.
I thought of choosing offer B too because it requires only eighty five bucks
It is much more inexpensive as compared to offer A.

Alamak!! help me @.@

I am lost in nowhere~~

.. actually I already expected this shit to be happened when my friend asked me for breakfast
should I or should not I?

**btw, the kuey teow soup there quite nice**giggle**

-- CASE 2 --

I was on the way back to Penang hostel
Set off at 6pm from my house by taking Rapid U801 straight to Butterworth Jetty.
Amazed at the nice scene while I was in ferry
(actually I was more disrupted by the p**i wind that made my hair a total mess)

Okay! I (I think it includes all passengers) was/were compelled to wait for the Rapid
at the bus stops along the roadside due to the innovation of the bus station-used-to-be.

Tik~~ tok~~ tik~~ tok~~

It proves that time has passed..

1 minute
10 minutes
30 minutes
1 hours

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~calculation in progress~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Reached hostel around 2310 ==''
I had been waiting the Stupid Rapid U104 for
two and a half hours + sleeping for 1hour and 10 minutes in it!!

----It is an easy job to guess the time I reached Penang Jetty ----



off >> to >> bed #zZzz#
My eyelids almost closed
Exhaustion is invading! FIRE!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Climb

It was four twenty three early in the morning.
I could not sleep.
I was lying alone with my head on the phone.
Kept listening to "the climb" presented by Miley Cyrus. ( girl who acts as Hannah Montana )
Thought of some problematic issue
Finance, Relationship, Love, Friends, Business Game, Singing Class, other problems-to-be.

talk about the climb..
I think I'm approaching another climb in my life to be struggled enthusiastically.
Which fulls of tougher challenges, harder tasks, higher risks.
Anyway, that would never let me down.

All I got to do is to face it and resolve it.
Yeah~ I should believe in myself.
Thanks for those supports!
Appreciate them much. ^^

Below is the song that would be the best description of my way of feeling right now.

I can almost see it,
That dream Im dreaming but,
Theres a voice inside my head saying,
You'll never reach it.
Every step I'm taking,
Every move I make feels,
Lost with no direction,
My faith is shaking but I,
Got to keep trying,
Got to keep my head held high.

There's always gonna be another mountain,
I'm always gonna wanna make it move,
Always gonna be an uphill battle,
Sometimes you gonna have to lose.
Ain't about how fast I get there,
Ain't about whats waiting on the other side..
Its the climb.

The struggles I'm facing,
The chances I'm taking,
Sometimes they knock me down but,
No, I'm not breaking.
I may not know it,
But these are the moments that,
I'm gonna remember most, yeah,
Just got to keep going and I,
I got to be strong,
Just keep pushing on..


There's always gonna be another mountain,
I'm always gonna wanna make it move,
Always gonna be an uphill battle,
Sometimes you gonna have to lose.
Ain't about how fast I get there,
Ain't about whats waiting on the other side..
Its the climb.

There's always gonna be another mountain,
I'm always gonna wanna make it move,
Always gonna be an uphill battle,
Sometimes Im gonna have to lose.
Ain't about how fast I get there,
Ain't about whats waiting on the other side..
Its the climb.

Keep on moving,
Keep climbing
Keep faith, Baby.
Its all about,
Its all about the climb.
Keep faith,
Keep your faith.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Crave for her

I was walking alone along the straight sun-lit street.
I saw her car when I was heading towards my hostel after dismissal of classes.
Little yellow-whitish kelisa that I used to sit in it once upon a time.
I was surrounded by excitement seeing the familiar numbers appeared in front of me.
My mind was so excited to make a response to my hand
It transmitted messages to my left hand to pick up my mobile phone in my pocket.

I intended to send her a message but
Blankness filled my mind all of a sudden.
Question marks with unknown answers filled my mind, so harshly.
What should I say?
"hey, coming back to visit me is it?"
like this?

Will she entertain my message if I greet her?
I had sent one message at the beginning of new semester.
What I got was nothing.
No reply. No news.
I scared of confronting her.
I scared of awkwardness will freeze in the cool air which makes me hardly breathe.
I hope that it just to be nice if I could try.

Then, will she think that I am making an insult towards her?
I miss her as if I am going to suicide when I cannot reach her.
That's sufficient for me to see her face everyday even it's just once.
I got no choice but to hide my feelings away from you.
I was refrained from involving in AMOUR.

**I have seen too much defective examples that's why I am not confident or faith to be in LOVE and I still remember what my mum told my dad that day**

"Please don't go and harm others' daughter IF you are still born in guy for next generation. I am already a victim in this generation."

Voices and chaotic noises came across my mind at once.

Seriously I think I am ineligible to make a match couple with you.
We are from different backgrounds or even worlds.
we are TWO
we are TWO
when will we be ONE?

I am writing this post to remind myself. Maybe time will prove.

Perseverance VS Termination

I chose the former.
Wish me luck.

Thursday, 9 July 2009


1. Education System.

What you guys think of current education?
I think it goes smooth with some minor resolvable problems there
If I'm not mistaken, I started to learn English only at Standard 3
I did not encounter any severe problem when I was and I am on my way of learning English
It has become my second language that I often use nowadays
I am glad that I have the opportunity to learn English
I am proud that I studied my Science and Maths by English
during secondary school
I enjoy all the information and teaching materials which were taught in English

I think it is so ridiculous when I first heard the news recently
It sounds like this:

"Students are required to study Science and Maths in Malay Language in F4 & F5 later
after they have taken their F3 PMR public exam."

Notice: I am not sure with the situation. Correct me if I am mistaken. Thanks.

Does it mean that a student will study 9years of Science and Maths in English?
(from Standard 1 till F3)
then.. change a "new conducive environment" to continue them in Malay Language?

I would say that the education system has deteriorated and totally at low ebb
if it is the way proposed by MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT
This news is getting on my nerve, indeed.
Students are always the scapegoat in OUR GREAT education system.
A lot of changes implemented just because of THEIR ideas that came to mind all of a sudden!
I could see much injustice in the system but all we (who has no authority) can do is to keep silent.

I still remember what my teacher told me once upon the time when I was in secondary school.
He said that MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT has sent some batches of Chinese graduates
to teach Chinese subject in SK
(Because SK offers this optional subject saying that we will be more unite** some sort of creating Sekolah Wawasan)

Anyway, we were already short of teachers to teach Chinese subject in SJK. Were they distributing human resource wrongfully?

I was more surprised about what my teacher said in the end.
MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT has also sent some batches of non-Chinese to be trained in Taiwan
When they graduate, they will come back in here and teach Chinese subject in SJK.

What the fcuk!!

I would advise the authority to eliminate the rules enforced in education system so that the students in primary school would not be so pity!
Just imagine other people are playing fun while you are learning Science & Maths in English BUT NOT your own mother tongue
and without any foundation of the subjects!
How would you feel if you were the pitiful students?
just implement the rules in secondary school will do, please..?

Please Leave Them Alone ^^


Tuesday, 7 July 2009



优雅的天秤在灯红酒绿中微笑转身,顾盼神采,洒脱如同水中的鱼。他们与红酒,水晶杯,晚礼服,钢琴曲是那么的相得益彰,漫不经意的吸引着公众的眼光…… 几乎所有人都有这样一种印象: 天平座的人善意可亲爱交朋友
于是大家也由此认为天秤是群居生物,必然是害怕独处,喜欢热闹的。 但,事实并不是表面看来那样简单。 的确,天秤是个和平使者。在公众场合可以很好地调节气氛使之均衡。

总之他们不会随波逐流去助长气氛的冷热,而是像用天秤称量物品一样,加减砝码,使之维持水平状态。 而他们在做这种加减的时候,动作是优雅的,态度是和悦的,看起来漫不经心不动声色。实际上,他们是很有心计的人,尽管众口难调,也可以找到一种万全的方式 来使全局和谐起来。 但是这并不是说他们喜欢主宰,只是因为他们看不得失衡,那会使他们如坐针毡。

性格使他们承担 了不必要的责任,无可推卸。

他们喜欢自在独立的空间。就算你是他最好的朋友,也不要老和他粘在一起,你要知道他并不喜欢如此,尽管他不会直接说出来。你也得相信,你的天秤座朋友也许 半年也没有音信,但是只要一见面,你还是他最好的朋友。因为他就是这种交友方式,你拿他怎么办? '我懒得……' 这是天秤座的口头语。
他们懒得出门,懒得聚会,懒得应酬……所以他们并不是很喜欢参加party。倒是宁愿呆在家里上网,看书,画画。他们自身是均衡的, 一个人的均衡总比一群人的均衡来的容易。

通常,天秤座的人会给人一见如故的感觉,因为他们有着温婉的微笑和优雅的举止。对初次见面的人,天秤座往往表现出自己最讨人喜欢的一面:善解人意,大方, 诚恳,健谈。

天秤的冷静,连他 们自己也觉得惊讶。'我居然如此冷漠!太不可思议了……'他们审视自己的时候,感觉有点陌生。那是因为他们把内心世界掩饰得连自己都骗过了。

他们控制情绪的能力太强了。最亲近的人会感觉到,天秤给人不露声色的隔离感,有时会被埋怨“太冷静了,我都不知道你在想什么!” 可是他们不是故意要隐瞒什么,只是出于本能。



Why I am unable to manage well in that aspect?
Why I am so weak in expressing my feelings?
Why I always ended up emotionally?
Why I lack of time?

Send someone to rescue me.
I need to rest in arms.
A warm hug, a consolation speech, a single compassionate word may work
I'm not greedy.
I need someone to ease my pain.
I looked Happy~ but I'm actually not that strong.

I know we are different from
the ways we act
the ways we think
the ways we deliver message
the ways we understand context
the ways we speak
the ways we treat other people

I do not like things to be hidden in your heart
your mind
your soul
confront me and talk face-to-face
I could be a good listener or speaker when it is the right time for me

I need more money.
I need plenty of time.
I need planning.
I need all I need.
I got nothing at last, as
no one sees me
no one listens to me
no one knows my need
the only thing I can do is that I got to go my own way

Do not sympathise me

**Wish me luck will do**