Saturday, 28 January 2012


Chinese New Year

Literally, it's a special festival and holiday for those being at different places to go home and reunite with their family members and all loved ones. There are a lot of Do's and Don't's during the festival. It is celebrated from the eve up to the fifteenth day of the duration. Each festival day carries different and unique meaning. *blabla*

Well.. Old granny stories. I could memorise these from the front to the back and from the last sentence back to the front. Personally the way I treat CNY is more of sustance over form. I make it a task to comprehend the inherent and coherent meanings of every single session and ritual. It is filled with mysterious festive colour blending with the attractiveness of the ethnic especially living in a multi-cultural country harmoniously.

Talking and Doing are two differentiated things. I go home as the time stipulated. I helped out in any way I can for my family. I painted the old colour-fading door. I captured every single precious moment with them. I pretended like I am a very good child. I took the initiative and greeted every relative with nice words just to avoid any further talk-behind regarding my manner. The way my parents raised me was different. They tell you what and when and who, but you gotta sort it out how by yourself.

It's already the sixth of Lunar. It nearly marks the end of my holiday and retreat because I gotta embark on my part time career life soon. But wait, I am not quite ready to be back to the hustling and bustling city life! Rescue me... Help...


Tuesday, 17 January 2012


First and foremost, I would like to thank all the parties whom had helped me making my oversea studies a success. Without your support and kind understanding, I might not be able to make up my mind to see things from a wider perspective.

I was so upset that I gave up the chance to make application. I took no action before the application was due. After some time I thought it is worthwhile to attend such summer programme. Because it is a rare opportunity for us to spread our wings to fly and learn. It is our show time. Most of all, I don't dare to give up any greatness to strive a little higher learning curve. It would totally be a different story and experience.

Life is good. When you're embraced by grace and inner peace, joy and felicity.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Welcome to a brand new year! 

Prepared your new-year resolutions?


Get set...