Sunday, 29 August 2010

Oh I see

    Someone has actually told me this. And yea thanks so much for your information that I'm Not Macho because:

  1. I never smoke. (I admit. You can check the colour of my pinky lips. :P)
  2. I don't excessively drink. (of course. Only socially)
  3. I'm not keen on men sports such as Football & FIFA. (Who specifies it is a men sport?)
  4. I don't know swimming. (My fault also? = =a)
  5. I flirt with girls a lot. (You're jealous of me, aren't you?)
  6. I spend my spare time writing novels instead of outdoors. (owh dear you can't despise a person's hobbies)
  7. I don't play DoTa. (Sorry to say, sometimes I'm quite against DoTa players ^^v)
  8. I cover masks and have facial intermittently. (Please check out who are the spokesperson for L'OREAL and Garnier Men. TYVM)
  9. I'm a considerable introvert sometimes. (So what? I am who I am =D)
  10. I'm still a Virgin after living for almost 20 years. (Sssshh~ and you're driving me nuts!)

  Please Do Not Assume Things. You'll just make an ASS out of U and Me. LOL. and Thank You for your feedback. I'll improve myself. XD

Friday, 20 August 2010

Just For Your Infomation

    It comes to the end of Week 14 this semester. And the end of week 14 always indicates the time for final exam. That's where I stand now. Struggling and striving hard for the exam. Hoping to pass with flying colour. All the best and Break a leg for all candidates. Let's work towards our ICSA! =)
    Hereby I would like to thank all the lecturers,tutors, coursemates, classmates and acquaintances who have been contributing the utmost efforts in educating all of us. *bow*. May you always be blessed in your life and a thousand of apologies from all of us. Thanks cordially for being our facilitators!

  Guess who are they? 
*Disclaimer- The statements below are for amusement purpose only and shall not be personal attack or any unlawful intention for humiliation. Read at your own risk*

"So, you have to take it out. disposal means take it out ar."
"Accountants are very kia-su one so we need to be prudent at all times. Don't underestimate the expenses and liabilities and don't recognise income until it incurs."

"Whether to know it is a valid meeting or not? It depends~"
"We need to look at the organisation's rules and regulations, the Acts and authority governing the organisation, its articles etc."
"You need to talk about the quorum, notice period, proxy etc and.. It Depends."

"So, you can see from here, page 38, People."
"Do your work on CeL people, I'll be checking."
"ENGLISH... NOT Ying-Wen!"
"Irrelevant question."

"Whether attend or not? Up to you it's your own funeral."
"Go back to China if you want to speak Mandarin in my class."
"...and Yes I'm wicked. Call me a racist."
"I need to be caustic to use all those six letters [Sxxpxd] because those Girls are really stubborn!"
"Normally OM takes about 6months to be taught but I only teach you all within, how long? only 7weeks!"

  It is still so unbelievable that I have finally come to the end of semester 1 of year 1. It seems like all the things had just happened yesterday! For the following days I'd be hibernating in the palace of books and will appear less frequent in here (I think I seldom be here also. LOL). Good Luck for You and Me! Take good care of yourselves while studying hard for Finals.
*sealed with a lovely kiss* XD

Saturday, 14 August 2010










Friday, 13 August 2010


Padan My Muka. (Serve Me Right!)

Senantiasa. (Always) 

Seperti Biasa. (As Usual) 

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Brotherly love

    I don't really own brothers, with real blood-lihood relationship. But I have friends regarded as my brothers. I call them brothers aka buddies, ah ko or gor gor sometimes. I actually got inspired by a song sung by Leehom which I found it so touched. They treat me well all the while, ever since the day I knew them. With extended care and undying love. Do not misinterpret that I'm the kind of slutty or pervert fellow. I have two blood-connected younger sisters. I know what's the feeling of being a brother to others. Far more than you would ever expect. Though they are not having blood relationship with me, I'm still grateful that I have them as brothers in my life despite the fact that God has forgotten to give them to me. It's pure kinship that beyonds friendship but has got nothing to do with religions or beliefs and rituals (for those Old Schoolers). 

作词:王平久  作曲:常石磊  演唱:王力宏
手足的情 兄弟的心

哥  小时后一直问你,为什么你是哥我是弟。
哥  你总是那样严厉,为什么爱我从不放弃。
哥  在风雨中看见你,为什么你始终没泪滴。
哥 我要和你站在一起,我知道你也没大力气。

Edison: 認識你,從小學到中學,轉捩點是在中二那一年。從沒想過我們會這麽要好,尤其是宿舍生活牽引我們關係更密切。朋友不惜一切付出,都會希望對方永遠幸福。雖然此時大家各奔前程,但我相信會有團聚的一天,最重要的是要記得“一個像秋天、一個像夏天”和“仨人”。難忘的時光陸續在回憶錄重演,祝福你精彩生活每一天。

Henry: 還是喜歡叫JQK比較順口。其實很感激你,教會我不少生活哲學和人生道理。你告訴我什麽是永不言止、永不放棄。班上難得的知己,多謝你給過的美好回憶。你的生存精神和頑強的意志力是我需要學習改進的地方。無形中教會我很多,祝福你的前程錦繡。心結解不開時可以考慮我當聽衆,24小時 On Call。

Atlas: 謝謝你和爹“闖”進我生命裏。和你第一次見面竟然是在午夜Skype通話,還記得你和我說過的話、唱過(給我聼)的歌。其實,我意想不到你讀了我寫給你的Note之後會有如此正面的反應。感謝你把我融入你的圈子,認識你我三生有幸。只是依據爹的訊息傳達了解了一半的你,還有另一半得靠時間關係的徵信。想告訴你的是:你有你的樣(Young)年少輕狂也無妨。

p/s 純粹真情實感的關心,獻給超越友誼關係的純手足情。

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Madness 1
    I was supposed to go back hometown last Saturday evening, and of course I did. As I was having a test, the very last test of my current semester, I had no choice but to carry out my plan right after the test ended. In that evening, one friend and I were taking LRT to KL Central then planned to catch a 8.30pm bus at Kuala Lumpur station by taking KTM. We Touch-N-Go at Melati station. At first it was feeling fresh and nice. Air-conditioned. Spacious (but not at the peak hours). We were sitting on the chairs and talking to each other. There was the PA system which stopped our conversation when we reach Damai station. An important announcement. Every passenger is needed to move out from the LRT because the train was supposed to get back to its ordinary station, Gombak.

    Afterwards we were standing and waiting for another train to hop on it. It went for only a short distance, I guess, before another announcement was made from PA system that we needed to move out again at Kampung Baru station for the same lame Reason! Two of us were stuck at the underground station for almost 20 minutes. In the end, we decided to hire a taxi instead of waiting blindly in there. But, there the problem came as there were no taxis waiting nearby that LRT station. None except by cab-calling service. So we walked the exhausting miles on foot and we were so fortunate that we ran into a friendly and informative Malay girl who told us the actual direction to get a taxi for ourselves. Before she walked off she was trying to show her sympathy for us by saying "I know it's madness" and wished us home safely. Perhaps she didn't know our homes are in Penang and it would really take SOME time. lol~
    Wandered around the totally unfamiliar places according to her instructions, we finally managed to stop a taxi and got in it. It was already about 8.15pm at that moment so we changed our destination to Jalan Duta instead of the former KTM station (Kuala Lumpur). I should be grateful as fortune fell on us and made us successfully bought two selling-fast tickets which departed at 8.30pm (but that time was already 8.40pm). It was as adventurous as a mock Amazing Race, especially when we were figuring all the way out about the place where we could hire a taxi in that small village.

Madness 2
    I was supposed to go back to KL on Sunday afternoon, after lunch. I managed to catch a Rapid bus and reached Butterworth jetty around 1.40pm. After having a few calls with my friend, I bought two tickets which would be departing at 4.15pm. So, guess what I did there? Nothing much! Just sat down and observed the people of surroundings while talking to my friend, for almost 3 hours and more, like how we talked in the bus the night we went home. Now only I realised that how talkative (or perhaps noisy in the eyes of bystanders) we were as we chatted all the way long until we arrived in Penang. In fact, I could sense that someone was actually glancing at us or maybe our conversation in English was actually overheard by an African-looked guy who sat in front of us.
    Back to the unfinished astonishing story of us, we were on board punctually at exact 4.15pm. Anyhow, we had been waiting for NO reason about another one and a half hours in the bus. Oh it's another Madness! The bus started moving around 5.40pm and stopped twice along the journey, for a short while each time. And I actually doubted if they compensated us for the time wasted by turning on the telly and playing us movies for the entire journey. But it didn't even make me feel more delighted or pleased because all were lousy movies! LMAO. A story on a superb and seemed-like-eternal hero Rambo and the disastrous life had. A story about computer-created (so fake) snake-like (or maybe eel-like) monsters hunting for, in all the ways they could, human kinds as food. Bloody, disgusting and nauseous. The next story was 'Shutter' which frightened me by its pale woman ghost/ dead soul but I found it quite educational because the ending was out of my expectation and I learned something which really existed, law of "Karma".

    We were again haunted by madness, when we reached at 11.00pm at Hentian Duta because it was raining drizzly. We walked out of the station once we were dropped to hire any taxi that passes by the main road. We managed to have one and the driver is so nice and 'user-friendly'. At least the atmosphere was harmonious, but not awkwardness with the existence of silence which plays too loud. Sent my friend home first before I got my turn. Girl deserves more security especially at that late at night isn't it? So I ended up reaching my residence place at 11.35pm, safely and in one piece. For the whole night I had always wanted to shout out loud: IT'S MADNESS!! =)

Another slight madness was about the temporary termination of internet connectivity of my house. And I should say that it was the main purpose I went back hometown last weekend, to settle the long-queued application process.