Thursday, 23 September 2010

Semester Break

While I was preparing for my final examination, I was stunned by the news that my mother was caught by immigration department of Japan and was kept in retention. That was the night before I was going to sit for my first subject. Anxiety rose in myself. That wasn’t the first time already. The same thing happened two years ago. The same feeling of exaggerating nervousness was haunting me throughout the whole examination process of mine. Fortunately I received a call from my mother telling me she’s fine. I could then breathe with a great relief.
Then, I immediately off to Subang the next day after having my last subject as my mother was staying with my aunt temporarily. And not to forget I went to Mid Valley the night when I finished my last subject with Penang college mates. It was the first time I went for relaxation and only when it was the end of my first semester. Frankly I was quite embarrassed for myself. Anyway, I was grateful that I could finally spend some time for leisure and pleasure after such a long suffocation. And undoubtedly I am always a procrastinator. LOL.
I spent great moment full of fun and passion in Subang. On top of that, I had my first experience (in my life ever) of taking a flight even though it was only from KL to Penang. Thanks to my xiao yi and say teo for treating us well in there.
The next week when I arrived in Penang, a sequence of exciting events were awaiting for me to join. Toy museum, Peranakan Mansion, Karaoke, Gathering and some random meet-ups were all so tempting. I am so glad that I could spend a little moment together with all those I love and be loved. Now that the holiday is approaching its end and I am so reluctant to leave. As life goes on, we need to move on too. Last but not least, I love Penang! XD