Sunday, 26 April 2009


I went to the exam hall with friends
Along the journey many people we met
I encountered no one who greeted me Hey
Because of what I no longer care

Steps by steps we proceeded to SBS block
I told myself that I couldn't fall
Actually the exam hall was too hot
Not as cold as the time I entered before

While waiting the time to flow to exact two
I took the exam paper and had a simply look
There sat some members of my group
We glanced at each other and we already knew

Examinations are the overall presentation of ours
There lies opportunities or threats
We conform to the exam norms
We have conflict in ourselves when choosing titles
I like to have opportunities but not threats
Not only in exams but every part of my life
Opportunity brings me new ideas
Opportunity is created by oneself but not given automatically to anyone of us
Opportunity provides hopes
Opportunity is waited by those weaker
Opportunity is formed by those stronger
... And everyone would probably want to be the stronger ^^

Time has rapidly passed
I completed my full answers at last
People around me seemed like they were in a rush
I walked out the hall with confidence and a climate of trust

... And I hope opportunity goes to all of us.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Be frank 坦白

I have been living in this world for almost 19years.
I looked through everything happened around me comprehensively.
I took time to realise.
I learnt to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt.
I have seen the effects of power.
I tried to like what people dislike.
I investigated the relationship among people.
I met fiascoes as I lack of experience.
I felt great when I noticed I am still breathing every single morning I woke up.
I had no ideas about what is going to happen next.
I dreamt of what I want and what I wish.
I followed rules and regulations about what we ought to be done and ought not to be done.
I doubted with some irrational speeches.
I need frankness and sincerity.
I need time to turn over a new leaf.
I wish I am ordinarily and truly happy.
I want to do what I am supposed to be doing.

A song from Nick Chung^^

<你别再对我太好 Please don't treat me too well>
<我只怕会受不了 I am afraid I can't afford to accept>
<要你坦白说出你的煎熬 Tell me frankly about your feeling and suffering>
<你别再对我太好 Please don't treat me too well>
<如果你哭会更好 It's better if you cry to me>
<至少我明瞭你受的苦恼 At least I understand what you are suffering>

I am distorted by their words
I hope to be as free as bird
I need faith within myself
I perceive study is interesting
Learning is permanent
Learning involves changes
Learning is acquired through experience ^^




不过,他们让人痛苦讨人欢心的本领同等高超,至于他们究竟会粉碎还是取悦别人的心,就得视他们当时的心情、工作或兴趣而定了。这也不是说他们喜欢看别人 痛苦,说句公道话,从他们的反应可发现他们是“打在孩身、痛在娘心”,也只有这个时候,他们看起来才像平常人般单纯。

今天出生的人经常会同时“脚踏多条船”,够厉害吧!至少,在年轻的时候老是这副德性,或许该归咎于那些对象无法完全讨好他们吧?他们倒也不是真的难以取 悦,只是在漫长的追求过程中,他们很容易感到厌烦因其他挫折而让情绪借题发挥。幸运的是,他们本性不擅心计(至少大决策当前不会),否则这种人还真是“ 恐怖分子”呢。对于恋爱、追求及性爱(时常是后者)方面,他们虽只顾着自己但动机却情有可原。尽管他们大可有意无意地占别人便宜,但是基于自律,他们通 常不至于如此。

“破坏”是今天出生的人重要的生活课题,此处的“破坏”是广义地指从浪漫地伤人感情、智力上的取胜,甚至是体力上的征服。不过得再次强调,他们并非肆虐成 性。只是“正好”在各方面都扮演专门
粉碎别人自卫角色。虽然说:“夜路走多也会碰到鬼”。然而他们却乐于面对各种顽短篇的挑战,如果对手是个“肉脚”, 根本无法刺激他们的斗志。他们喜爱美丽的事物且崇拜力量,每当遇到有魅力的人、艺术或自然现象时,就会情不自禁被吸引。有人说他们是事物的崇拜者。没错, 他们得小心自己有将喜欢的事物(甚至自己)神化的倾向。

虽然今天出生的人看起来“不安于室”,却可以成为值得信赖的家庭成员。他们算是很可靠的家伙,极少眼睁睁地看着朋友陷入困境。不过要和他们相处与交往必须 彻底了解他们的弱点和致命的吸引力。尤其是谈感情时,他们不坚定的意志,就像风中摇摆不定的叶片。然而他们在犯罪时,多半清楚自己在干些什么勾当。





Sunday, 19 April 2009

2 days + shout-out

These 2 days
I woke up very early in the morning.
It was about
(It is really "early" for me~ haha)

What for I did so?
Erm.. Well..
Went for a study group~

We had Marketing lesson on the
first day
I was amazed at our speed of studying
because we finished discussing 14 chapters in the afternoon before evening
We actually discussing the doubt and facts we do not fully understand
It was a relaxing

On the
second day
(It's today)
We gathered again for the first paper, OB
We seemed so slow in studying today
I think it's because of too much information needed to be loaded
That was why we consumed almost damn
10 hours to accomplish it
Every single theory
Every single sentence
Every single page
We discussed over and over again
The dictionary was totally utilised.. lolz


Frankly, recently I found it hard to be the in-charge of hostel
I may not be in favour of someone
I cannot achieve every single person's expectation
I need communication but somehow they are not easily to communicate with

How could I ask them to clean the living room, kitchen and toilet weekly
How to
BEG them to tidy up their shoes but not messing that corner
Why they do not want to put on the rack that is already provided there
How if they show me their
colourful ''face''
What to do if they complain
How if they disobey
How to sort the arrangement
What tasks to be done by whom
I get hesitated with this kind of stuffs
What to do
Do-It-Myself is another way
At least I get satisfaction from my work

It's damn troublesome!
No one offers assistance voluntarily
I know that I am not eligible to ask for such
I am just a no-name
Maybe all is nothing but a complete fake (Sarah~ allow me to quote your message..haha)
Please do not ask me to quit my job if I am unsatisfied
DARE do so
hahahahahahahaha...... lol......

~I really have no idea on what to do with them next~ @.@

(No offense to anyone. Misunderstanding may lead to conflict.)

Friday, 17 April 2009











希望 雨后放晴


最高境界 The Highest Level..

鸡蛋的最高境界 ..of eggs

读书的最高境界 ..of studying

驾车的最高境界 ..of driving a car

晒内裤的最高境界 ..of drying underwear

改车的最高境界 ..of modifying a car

载的最高境界 ..of fetching/carrying

色狼吃苹果的最高境界 ..of an apple eaten by a sex maniac

偷情的最高境界 ..of having a secretive love affair

穿耳环的最高境界 ..of wearing an earring

平衡的最高境界 ..of balancing

小偷的最高境界 ..of stealing

车牌的最高境界 ..of the car plat

抽烟的最高境界 ..of smoking

上课睡觉的最高境界 ..of sleeping during class

煎荷包蛋的最高境界 ..of frying an egg (这个我喜欢^^)

广告的最高境界 ..of advertisement

拖鞋的最高境界 ..of slipper (It really happens in Africa)

滑雪的最高境界 ..of skiing

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Final Exam & Thanks

I have received my exam slip few days ago and I looked and read through the rules and regulations. The subjects I will be taking are shown as below:

25th April Organisational Behaviour
28th April Introduction to Human Resource Management
2nd May Fundamentals of Marketing

For the sake of my friends' future, I decided to stay until 5th May as they have requested so in order to teach them one subject that they are gonna resit.

"Fundamentals of Accounting"

So, I will go home only on 5th May after they take their papers.
Then, I am coming back to college to attend a meeting for Orientation Week on 7th May.

Beginning from 13th May, I am gonna be busy about the Orientation Week.
Being an Emcee, I feel fresh and new as I have not much experience of standing at the stage, holding a microphone, looking at the crowd and start to talk, to host, to control the atmosphere while associating and interacting with my partner.

I still remember I used to host such events when I was in primary school. I was one of the Head Prefects and was responsible for hosting the weekly assembly. I just wondered and couldn't imagine how courageous was I at that moments. When I came to secondary school, unknown forces made me to become so timid. I turned from an excellent student to an average student. I learnt to be quiet and tolerant with all unfairness. I learnt to hide myself when facing a problem. I think that I was so useless when I flashed back my memory.

However, my secondary school life is insufficient to influence my whole life. I continued my studies in a college and I think this is the right time right place for me to show the real me. I am easily socialized, caring, friendly with some bad tempered and sometimes unreasonably aggresive.

Haha.. In fact, I mind how people looking at me. I mind their speeches on me, their impressions on me, their thoughts about me and their comments towards me so that I can improve myself. Please, no one is perfect in this world.I am trying to be good with everyone. It does not mean I am fake or lack of sincerity. I am widening my circle with a diversity of friends.

I am who I am. I maybe easily get frustrated and furious by someone. On the other hand, my anger vanishes fast and I never put them on my mind once they are solved or remain unsolved.
I like friends to be sincere but not talking to me by wearing a mask and disguise themselves to be my friends. Friends in need are friends indeed. This quotation has been my belief for my past years and rest of my life.

Anyway, this is just my murmur and I treat my friends as fair and square as possible. I am SO sincere and feel so fortunate to be your friends. I love all of you. Thanks for being my friends. Thanks for not abandoning me. Thanks for your supports. Thanks for your advice. Thanks for your tolerance. Thanks for your forgiveness. Thanks for those unspoken thanks.

Gonna busy with my homework and planning. Last but not least, a thanks to Ms. Sarah Saw for inviting me to be your partner. Look forward to cooperating with you. I hope my performance will be the most excellent in my life. I will do my best. This opportunity is appreciated.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Jing-Si Aphorism

1. When love is pure and untainted, the giver seeks nothing in return, and the receiver has no greed; both giver and receiver are free of afflictions.

2. When we can comprehend just one principle thoroughly, we will understand all principles.

A life of ease but no work, all play but no goal, will cause one to lose courage and determination.

When the mind is tranquil and serene, we can appreciate the beauty in everything.

Appreciate a compliment and face unkind words with understanding.

Be grateful to your parents and to all sentient beings at all times. In everything you do, never disappoint them.

A simple uncomplicated, and non-contentious heart helps us to remain calm and grounded. Then we will not be easily moved by external influences.

Take pleasure in the happiness of others is the most satisfying and enriching fulfillment in life.

Do not think negative, then any word would sound pleasant.

With broadmindedness, one would not hurt others, with pure simple mindset, one would not feel hurt.

Enhance our sense of gratitude, then we would be less suspicious in mind.

To set free from affliction and feel at ease, we must learn to be broadminded and accommodating.

We cannot love when filled with suspicion. We cannot trust when filled with doubts. We cannot forgive when unwilling to believe.

Be a benefactor of mankind is indeed, a self cultivation of our own blessings.

Challenges in human affairs are like grindstones that hone our wisdom and bring out our courage and perseverance.

Take in good speech like cotton that completely absorbs water.
Take troublemaking gossip like the earthen floor, so strong and firm that it still remains dry after water passes over.


Human beings are vexed due to 'egotism', so be more humble.

Life becomes meaningful when we shoulder responsibilities. Avoiding responsibilities make our life empty.

A wise person must be humble and unassuming, like the rice stalk that bows under the weight of ripe grain.

A snobbish person is not only unhappy but will make others feel miserable.

Let us say good bye to yesterday with gratitude and greet the new day with reverence.

Do not have hidden shadow in the mind: life is significant when it glows with the warmth of love.

Rather than seeking others to comply with us, why not take the initiative to conform to others.

Sunday, 12 April 2009


I like seas
I like to watch the seas
Seas have their glory and fury
Seas recover my numbness
Seas are sometimes unpredictable
Seas are connected with the boundless skies

I like nature
I like to appreciate natural creatures
They are gorgeous
It's so comfortable to approach the charming sea
The wonders of nature have become a culture

Onshore breeze gently touches my face
Bluish clouds change themselves into different shapes from time to time
They may sometimes hide the sunshine behind them
Against the battle
Sun fights for its right to spread out its glorious parts

Seas are peaceful but this peacefulness do not last long
They can be violent and bad-tempered
Seas are sometimes fast and furious
With strong waves and breeze
The strength of the unstable seas is able to destroy everything

I would like to let seas to bring along my miseries
If they can afford to do so
I would like to call on breeze to blow away our affairs
If you are not keen to remember that
I would like to wait for my whole life
If seas can recall the love we used to have

All that hurt me
All the tears I dropped
And this love

Please take them with you
I do not deserve to have all of them
I opted to be free
I have had enough, indeed

Sunday, 5 April 2009



Arch containing the colours of the spectrum, formed in the sky opposite the sun when rain is falling or when the sun shines on mist or spray.

Ces't La Vie

Ne laisse pas Ie temps, te decevoir别因为时间而感到沮丧

II ne peut etre conquis 它是永远无法被征服的

Dans Ia tristesse, dan la douleur不管是在悲伤里 在痛苦中

Anjourd' hui, demain 今天明天 年复一年

Au fil du temps le temps 时间它头也不回地往前走

Ces't la vie 它就是人生

We should never feel depressed upon the time
It cannot be defeated by Man's ability
Whenever and wherever
No matter we are in sadness or suffering

Days creep gradually
Years through years
Time goes without turning back to us
It is LIFE