Saturday, 30 January 2010

I loathe you

Disclaimer: The theme for today will be a little bit rage & savage, uncivilized but sensible. So read and understand it at your own risk. 

Well~ My desire to compose a post was triggered by him. Uncle Aw!
    He is an agent of the landlord since I moved to the double-storey terrace house from G-block. First and foremost I'm so thankful to my san yi for her cordial effort to search a house for me. Due to some disgraceful circumstances, I decided to move out from 10th floor to stay with my friends in another house. (and it's administered by Uncle Aw)
    Loathed him for the first time was at the time we moved from Solok 3 to Lorong 6. He disgustedly said we owed him electricity fee amounted to RM1000++. Oh please! We did constantly pay for the fee. That was owed by previous + previous*t times seniors who did not have much responsibility, apparently. he asked all of us to pay for it. Excuse me~ It should be a negative consumption externality for us. It's an uncompensated impact done by the seniors to all those bystanders like us. So we unanimously decided not to pay for it.
    Loathed him for the second time. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, we all gotta moved and be separated with one another. At the second house, he has hidden his bad nature. Later on some people in that house moved out and I became the so-called in-charge of that house. Good time would never last long. Pretty soon, Uncle Aw forced us to move again saying that our house has got insufficient number of students which could not sustain his profit. Fine! That's why we moved from Lorong 6 to Lorong 8.
    Loathed him for the third time when he argued that we owed him electricity fee for that house. It was also RM1000++. Hell! Are you creating a cock and a bull's story? It sounds ridiculous and non-sense to me. I guess you're getting older and older that you almost forgot I was the person who had always been keeping an eye on the bills. All were paid and none was unpaid! He was still heartlessly stubborn & greedy. He argued until his face has turned reddish but he still insisted on it. So finally I gotta SHUT his motherfucking mouth UP by showing him the previous paid bills as a proof. As evidence that he demanded for so long. Since then I never heard his complaint.
    I did not know why. Maybe he felt sorry that came from his conscience. Maybe he agreed with what I said: "Uncle, if you insist to malign us and collect the fee from us, it means you doubt with my ability to manage the house". Or simply because he has realised that he could not take any advantage from us since we were not naive as how he imagined.
    Loathed him for the fourth time. After we had moved from Lrg6 to Lrg8, he renovated the so-called "haunted, cursed and bad-lucked" house then rented to another group of students! You're fucking CHEAP! Not to mention all the things happened thereafter, he was really getting on my nerve. Yes, I admit. I will only notice the bad in you and ignore all the good you did before. That's because your good doesn't worth a single penny for me to look at it.
    Loathed him for the fifth time. I hope this is the last time. It's about the damn shit electricity fee again. This time is caused by an uncle & his spouse. They are doing catering business including cook and deliver service. Somehow but I dunno how, their business winds up and they had run away disgracefully without leaving a trace. The fee that they owed within 3months are about RM1000++. (It's odd and strange. It's about RM1000 electricity fee every time. Eww) Sadly it's the same excuse that he cannot sustain the little profit.
    Again, we are told to move at the last minute. The day before I had my last paper. I was totally not in the study mood after he appeared and proclaimed such news. He told us that this time is Lorong 7 but he didn't give us the house key yet. I wonder how are we going to move our things there and stay if we don't have the key. I'm still unsure about the outcome of this battle. Pray for a better life in the last semester of my diploma course. Cheers.

I like this artistic work very much! :D

p/s I know it's difficult to handle the houses & I'm amazed at his efficiency in collecting our rentals. Collect fast, service low. Should he retire and enjoy the rest of his life instead. Again, this is only my feeling and how I think. All rights reserved.    今时今日这样的服务态度是不行的。

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Starting Afresh

This is a new yet challenging year.
I got plans. I got goals. I gotta play the role.
So I start with a little change over my desktop background.
LOL at my stupidity. :D



This was done in conjunction with the coming of Chinese New Year.
It looks pinky fresh now instead of the dying greyish.
CNY? Should it be a cheerful & joyful one.
Gong Xi Gong Xi!!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Felix Felicis

Seriously I think I need a small portion of this liquid for my exam.
Gonna ask from Professor Horace Slughorn if I run into him.
And perhaps it can only turn real in my dreams... LOL!

    Felix Felicis is a potion that is "Liquid Luck". Felix Felicis makes the drinker lucky for a period of time, depending on how much is taken, during which time everything they attempt will be successful. It must be used sparingly, however, because if taken in excess it causes giddiness, recklessness and dangerous overconfidence. It is highly toxic in large quantities, and is also a banned substance in all organised competitions such as Quidditch, along with all other methods of cheating. It is very difficult to make, disastrous to get wrong and must stew for six months before it is ready to be consumed.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

A short & sweet advice

    All too often you get so involved in things that you look at life through a microscope. Amplifying manifold, an invisible speck becomes an insurmountable mountain. 

    Now, put down the microscope and imagine yourself a year from now looking back at today: 

"Does this really matter?" 

Then, you'd have the answer on the inside of you. 

It's torturing

It's Final Exam time. Again.
You gotta gracefully turn yourself in exam mode.
No matter how fucking reluctant you are.
In fact, you're really not into it.
You don't really give a fuck about that.
But this is fated. You got no choice but to follow it.
So ended up squeezing all the books into your mind.
You cannot miss even a single page a single line a tiny word a theory etc.
You keep telling yourself with the never-ending motivation stories.
You enlarge your targets and goals to energise, refresh and sustain your efforts.
In the end you see the halo of victory.
Surrounding you faithfully.
Your life wouldn't be lousy anymore.
Your hardship leads you to another climb.
Dream what you dream and wishing tenderly for it to come true.
So you gotta try and make it nice.
Although it's a wee bit of torturing.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


虚 X 实
虚伪 X 真实



Monday, 11 January 2010

Say it well

Is that you? 
 You weren't behaving like that when I first met you.
You talked a lot and we could even go out more often than now.
When I was down, there you came and offered me consolation.
When I was greatly flattered, you shared my happiness together.
But when we're getting closer and closer, I realised that our distance is getting further and further.
We're so close and YET so far.
You couldn't even recognise my mobile number.
For the first time it might be carelessness to save.
The unforgiven second time might be you purposely intended to forget me.
I was unconscious. I'm directionless.
"Is that you? the one I thought I know well?"
The words are still spinning in my mind without leaving me a hint or clue to the answer. 

Is it time? 
As I was always thinking of you, I was always asking myself.
"Is it time to spell it out?"
I hate myself for being disgraceful. For being timid.
I was afraid of heading the steps ahead but I have had no chance anymore.
I thought my feeling would cease to be continuing but it went the opposite way.
I kept asking myself and I told myself not to disclose my feeling and show you my meaning.
Then only I noticed that I was wrong.
Time is precious and it's slipping away. Together with the courage to show you my meaning.
If I could I would. To turn back the time to spend longer with you.
And now only a little hope is being held that all the memory won't just fade away and vanish without a trace. 

Am I right?
There's no right or wrong to be judged.
If there's any, then I'll be the wrongdoer and pleaded you to give a way out.
I was wondering whether what I've decided is right or wrong.
Am I right? Am I doing this right?
I couldn't properly answer this. Because I didn't have the answer in myself as well.
It's an underlying question that needs an accountable answer.
It's regardless of right or wrong.
It's about actions and subsequent consequences after all.
You're the one with pride. I'm the one with dignity.
Wish there's no more "Am I right?"
It's Serve Me Right, then.

                     Just gotta take it easy. It's another blue blue sky.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Do you

Do you know that I miss you everyday?
Do you know that I'm missing you now?
Do you know that I was missing you one second before this?
Do you know that I missed you yesterday?
Do you know that I have missed you secretly?
Do you know that I have been missing you since we met?
Do you know that I have had missed you for so long?

You may not know. But I always know that I Do.