Friday, 21 August 2009

Business Game

our virtual company has finally come out with a proper copy of business game proposal.
Sincerely, I was excited!
At the moment that the proposal came out from the photocopy shop.
It was an excitement that your child has finally been born.
Holding the proposal and felt so touch.
It's unbelievable but we successfully did it!
Thanks profusely all my members for your delicate contributions.
Keep it up!
I have faith in all of you and our company.

In fact, it is so tension to be the CEO of a company.
I know nothing about the job.
I know all of us are learning together.
I could see that finally all of you have shown some commitments.

Look at some pictures about the business proposal.


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Monologue 独角戏 [你不在日文版]

Sorry. I could not find a Japanese version.
Here will be the Chinese version that Lee Hom sang in Live Concert
With the song title "ni bu zai" (You're not here).
Enjoy it!

i tsu mo na ra ki mi ga sotto

bo ku o o ko shi ni ku ru ko ro

ka te n go si ho ho ni

ya wa ra ka ni sa shi ko mu ta i yo

byo shi n no ma wa ru o to da ke

hi bi ki wa ta ru Living Room

hi to ri de no mi ho su Coffee ~wo~

ki mi ga do ko ni mo i na i do ko ni mo ~wo~

na ma e o yo n de mi te mo ~wo~

sa me ta ko do ku da ke ga sa sa ya ku

ha te shi na i Monologue

Oh I miss you~ I miss you

dou ro no mu ko ga wa de

shi n gou o ma tsu hi to ta chi

u wa be ja wa ka ra na i

so re zo re no na ya mi o ka ka e te

ko no i ta mi no ri ko e ru no wa

ji bu n shi ka na i da ke do

a shi ta ga ma da to ku te ~wo~

ki mi go i na i ko to o do shi te ~wo~

u ke to me re ba i i n da rou ~wo~

na tsu no i ro mo fu yo no ni o i mo ~wo~

na ni mo ka wa ra na i no ni

Oh I miss you ~wo~

no zo mu ko to na do na ni mo na i ka ra

ki mi da ke ka e shi te i ma ~Ah~

ki mi ga do ko ni mo i na i do ko ni mo ~wo~

na ma e o yo n de mi te i mo ~wo~

sa me ta ko do ku da ke ga sa sa ya ku

ha te shi na i Monologue

ka na shi mi ni to za sa re ta

ko no mu ne no Monologue

p/s I know the song does not match with the lyrics here. Sorry everyone~

A fair meet

Hectic life is going to end soon.

>>I have gone through

Personnel Administration test 2
Managing Information System test

>>Things that waiting for me to solve are

English for Business presentation (which will be held tomorrow =='')
Basic Management Principle test 2


Accidentally found my sis in facebook
-~Jessica Ng~-
It's been a long time for not contacting her
I still remember that day we met
FATE that made us MET
after some moment I was in a downturn of my life during my Form 4 time
due to my family problems
(Form 3 or Form 4 not really remember ^^)

There she came
Playing a role as an angel
who gave me warm and consoled me~
endeavour her safeguard to me~
She taught me a lot of things, indeed
regarding Family, Social, Life
She is so wonderful yet meaningful person who influenced me precisely
Amazed at her talent and skills
All I would say is
Thanks for being my sis~
keep in touch^^

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Thank you, Arigato Gozaimasu

Went home on last Friday with full tiredness.
Directly went to bed after having my bath.
There was a ringing emitted from my mobile phone.
Picked up the phone and answered it.
It was my friend who asked me to go out for a movie.
Well~ since they are not interested in HP VI then I refused to go.

Opened my eyes abruptly AFTER answering the call.
I knew it was, again, another perfect Saturday.
There was a silence, playing too loud.
Who was I thinking of?
Definitely it's you!

My sister came in moments later.
Bringing an information:
the pencil case that my mum sent form Japan was being hung over the rainbow.
oops~ over the cupboard.
It's so eye-catching.
The design, the shape and the colour of that pencil case.
thank you! mama~

btw, my sisters, cousins and I got one every person for Birthday present.
* fuyoh *~ glad to have the coming 19th Birthday

Tomorrow I'm gonna make an important decision which will be influential for my future.
Bright or Grey?
Obvious or Foggy?
It depends heavily on the phone call.
Wish I can successfully make it!
Keep trying~ Keep holding on~ Keep it short and sweet.


My PA test 2 is on 6th August
My MIS test is on 10th August (and also the assignment due date)
My English for Business presentation is on 11th August
My BMP test 2 is on 13th August

Damn~Fcuking "excited" to have this roster~
so busy and tension yet so fun.
I learnt that it is so-called YEAR TWO~ lol