Tuesday, 16 August 2011


A new house, a valuable stock portfolio and precious gems may seem like good investments. But will they be there to comfort you in difficult times? Share your joy in good times? Or sit by you as you breathe your last breath? Invest some time and energy in loving others and watch your investment grow.

I had been feeling unsettled since I joined my studies in Advanced Diploma. Through time and time I felt like being dragged to the last day of the world. My days were miserable. I moaned. I complained. I was down. I felt misled and directionless. I knew, that I was facing a situation called Culture Shock. Yes, the life in Diploma was totally different from the current on. It was so fairly good, well-pampered and even spoon-fed. Now, the life has changed. Everything's changed. I'm already grown in mental capacity and physical strength. And really, I meant it, I need to thank one of the lecturers I encountered. She was being helpful by torturing us. She's the devil's advocate, indeed. She trained us. She guided us on those knowledge on textbooks and even those unwritten rules of leading a career life in future. Although I don't really like the way somehow, I re-called back what she had done on us and I know, IT WAS WORTH IT! She whipped us so hard so that we grow. She let us fall so that we comprehend the true fact of how cruel is the world and how to standing on the edge and on ground again. I appreciate her efforts and diligence in doing so. Thank you, Ms. Chin. We will prove to you that you made the right investment!