Friday, 26 June 2009



理性 & 淡定

因為他們總是認為自己能熬過那麼 不堪苦的日子,



Sunday, 21 June 2009

Memory that almost been forgotten..

(Have u found out where am I? *Gosh* you better don't ^^ because I looked so silly~~)

I got a story
that day when I noticed that I was tagged..
I felt so nervous
so excited
so much anxiety rose in my mind as I did not know which photo is that.

I went to discover!
I was surprised..
I was totally startled by the photos!

I ask myself
how come I was like that one when I was in secondary school?
It's that me?
but my eyes told me that it is a truth~
looks stupid lo!

Thanks for tagging me~ yam~

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


I feel so tension about making the decision and taking into action
regarding the internet location problem.
We are going to move
so what we need to do is to go to TM and fill in the form
then apply for changing address
waits for it to be approved.

It usually takes longer time to finish the process.
What we are facing is the the transport to the so-called TM
which located in the vicinity of Jalan Burmah.

Frankly I really tired of seeing their misbehaved behaviours and faces sometimes.
What you can do when your friend is creating a chaotic environment when you are demanding to have your revision of lessons?

What you can do when your friend is ignoring the cleanliness by simply putting the rubbish aside and thinking that someone will throw it into rubbish bin for he or she?

What can you do if your friend does not like you?

What if your friend is having bad-mouth about you?

What reaction will you take if your friend is changing all over again?

What will you do if you think that you are too strict to people?

What can you do if you meet those with egoism and less self-management and self-motivation.

I'll try my best to find out the truth to answer my doubts.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


we need to move to a new hostel AGAIN arrgh!
According to Uncle A, he has earned less
because of the amount of students he has in each hostel.
Therefore, he decided to SACRIFICE our hostel and he is going to close down.
What will be up to is we are required
to combine with the people of another hostel
which located at the opposite of our hostel. swt. ==

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise.
I didn't mean to be a so-called "kepo"
I didn't mean to be so unreasonable,
so ridiculous,
so annoying,
so busy-body to mind business of you all.
I just..
I have just.. done so much for flaring up fury of you all.
I'm not a good one.
Perhaps I will be more grateful that
we already got an in-charge in new hostel.

I know sometimes my words might hurt.
so deep indeed
so hard to recover
and now I will just unpack my luggage of burden
with my feelings as the only companion
and heading towards my journey of life.
See you if we can meet up.
Take care!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Night at Kim Gary..

Yesterday was the 19th birthday of my housemate, Chang Song.
We had already planned a celebration for him in the evening and perhaps he did not know.
(Maybe he already knew at the beginning before we told him)

We had all gone to Kim Gary Restaurant to have dinner together.
It was an enjoyable one.
On the half way of the dinner, Kai, Gin, Herng and I went to take the birthday cake that was purchased earlier.
Hoping much surprise to be given,
We passed the cake to the waiter and waitress in the restaurant
and they were told to take the cake to us once we gave them order.

Everyone was delighted with the celebration.
In fact, we planned to have a water boom game after reaching hostel but this was interrupted by some circumstances
In the end we cancelled the game session as we gossiped for whole night long
about the hostel
about the landlord Uncle
about the safety and security in hostel
about the so-called "haunted house" which is near to our hostel
before we went to bed respectively.

After settling down all my stuffs
I watched over the clock before I closed my eyes.
It was three twenty EARLY in the morning!!