Saturday, 24 September 2011

August & September


I've not been posting any article since August!
So sorry about that, I've been busy with my final exam.
It was a chain of relaxing holiday plus semester break after the exam.
In August, my classmates and I celebrated birthday for two friends, which were on two consecutive days.
In August, I went working in the company which I had my internship previously during the break.
With that rate of pay, I was quite upset. But I comforted myself that I need those experience.
I managed to enhance and develop myself despite the short break could actually slip in the blink of an eye.
I took the advice of our MCSP lecturer.
Living in this world means constantly striving, no matter you like it or not.
I'd post some photos of the joyful moment during birthday celebration.


and this is when I sit on my former colleague's seat:-
who is currently in SG 

*catch me up for more frequent updates, I promise*