Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Impaired

During a service at the Church on a day of obligation, I witnessed a young man was standing in front of and showing sign language to a group of seated people. Then I quickly learnt that they are the group of deaf and mute. And all of a sudden I felt myself so blessed. Being able to sit in and listening to the God's words without any difficulties. Being able to see the world through the gifts that God confers. 

Have you ever wondered how your life would turn out to be if you were impaired? whether slightly, moderately or even totally destroyed. 

Life's a deep breath that you must hold and keep it warm. You are perfectly equipped, you are not handicapped. Most certainly you are loved. That is the mercy of God which He gives upon us. Be not afraid. The Lord is with you always, regardless if you are or not impaired. In moments like these, repent and turn a new leaf. 

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