Sunday, 11 November 2012


The moment when you feel that your idea bank has gone vacated.

I was capable of saying vividly what I want, orally or in writing, before some time ago. But now I found that there is a deterioration in my speaking skills. So does my interpersonal skills. Life is filled with plenty of challenges. Bundled with obstacles and stiff competition. Or perhaps the environment does matter.

Imagine your hesitation is already up to your neck and you are further disrupted with excessive obligations and commitments from somewhat unavoidable circumstances and people. You must certainly be falling in depression and fatigue!

But life goes on without answering your cry nor making an attempt to wait for you to wipe out your tears. Each piece of tissue paper you disposed indicates one single finite step in your building of the kingdom of fruitful future. Knowledge strengthens your power and status. A fact remains a fact.

Bureaucracy and Structure kill innovation and plant boredom. Encouragement on new-thinking has long gone. Motivation disappeared. There left an emptiness which is inexplainable. That is how you feel after getting on for so far. A place like an oasis in the desert is vigorously sought.

At long last I have nothing to gain but victory. And I have everything to give. To glorify and praise my Lord. For not giving up on me when I did things wrong. For not abandoning me when I felt so hurt. For being with me existentially and apparently. For giving me guidance and walking with me on my way.

Life's a guess. We are at times idealess. Make free. Rely on and trust that everything will soon be fine.

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