Sunday, 25 March 2012


1. Work

Be yourself with good manner and friendly-fostering attitude. Be generous and sincere to build widespread network. Be courageous and bold to face any incoming problems. Even if you don't like the job you're doing, be passionate. Nothing could be done without perseverance. Once you're at the workplace, you are held accountable to your portfolio, personally. Commitment is much required because it completes your work. Work is never ending, do not hesitate to ask for assistance should you need any. Be polite while you meet people. Remember, first impression is genuinely important as it forms the perception towards a person at the first sight. Be committed to your work, either before, during and after.

2. Family

It's should be another agenda item on our list of commitment. Family is the one who supports you when you face difficulties, source of encouragement, seed of salvation, ship of sanctuary and thunder of unconditional love. Family might be flawed, but the love and bond would always remains no matter where the members go. We may not have all together but together we have it all. It should be a comfortable place where you can behave naturally, live without worries, complain without being infuriated. Time would heal everything. All parties underpinned for the foundation of love. With fortified base, we are the best warriors to conquer every tough time together, prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

Keep your faith!

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